Saturday, March 18, 2006

Feed the Hungry

Oh, that I could write as well as my San Miguel friend, Dianne Hart. Dianne has been working with Feed the Hungry to take oral histories from some of the cooks who work in the kitchens of that organization. I've mentioned before about all the charities that the foreign residents in San Miguel help support and this organization sets up kitchens in schools in poor areas so that the children will get at least one nutritious meal a day. Dianne's stories have been in Feed the Hungry's newsletter. My readers who like an inside look at Mexico will enjoy Dianne's writing and the stories she is telling.

Mary Murrell who is the Executive Director for Feed The Hungry, says, "Please help us feed more children by sending a donation. For $65 US a hungry child will receive a hot meal every school day for an entire year. For many of the children the food at our kitchens is the only regular nutritious food they get." For more information on how to help feed one child, or 10 or even build another kitchen, click here.

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