Sunday, March 19, 2006


I had a marvelous time at the opening of my exhibition at Goldesberry Gallery. First of all I feel good about the work. Secondly Nancy and Oliver Goldesberry are great to work with. And last but not least, I had such a great time visiting with the people who came to see the work.

During FotoFest in Houston you kind of have a built in audience since the FotoFest Organization loads up buses of the gallery owners and curators who come to participate in the Meeting Place. Then there are photographers who are in town to also participate in the Meeting Place and enjoy the 120 something photography exhibitions around the city. Goldesberry Gallery is in a group of galleries on Colquitt that have art patrons who regularly attend their openings. Added to that many of my friends and neighbors also came to see my work. Now who wouldn't have a good time under those circumstances.

It was interesting talking to the photographers.....they always want to know what camera, film and paper. Then the location where the images were made. But one of the nicest parts of the evening was talking to the people who had been to Las Pozas in Xilitla and photographed there. They knew the difficulties of making images there and they also knew the it felt in the jungle. Knowing that they felt I had captured that feeling was nice.

If you are in Houston between now and April 15, please stop at Goldesberry Gallery, 2625 Colquitt and see the exhibition.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations - looking forward to some photos ;-)


Anonymous said...

OK - I guess you're too modest to include the one of you below the "BILLIE MERCER" sign ;-)

I received the photos - but your server is blocking me again - ;-( Whatz up with that!