Friday, March 17, 2006

First Blogaversary

Yes, it is the one year anniversary of Billieblog. Three hundred thirty-six entries later, I'm still at it.

Since I have kept a personal journal for more than 10 years, three pages every morning whether I want to or not....keeping this blog going isn't a surprise but in a way it is. I can bitch and moan and groan about stuff in my journal that are thoughts just passing through but not that I'd care to share with my readers because the next day I might feel differently. So I do use some filters on what I put in the journal because I never know who I might meet who will say something about what I wrote last week.

And the other thing that is different about keeping a blog, at least for me, is the awareness that there are readers and while I'm writing about my life, I don't want to bore them too much.

The readers of the blog have grown steadily since I started it last year. I think my sons read it and a few friends but I think there are people I don't know who click in on a pretty regular basis. This isn't a focused blog because I cover whatever topic that is on my mind. And this isn't a literary blog with great writing. I wonder....who is reading it and why.

So I'd really be interested to hear from you guys. Who are you? What is bringing you back?


Brenda said...

Happy Anniversary! I truly enjoy reading your blog, keep it up. I haven't been writing much lately, nothing special happening here. Think I am in a depressed state thinking of our return to Canada in about 2 weeks. UGH, the weather doesn't bear thinking about!

Anonymous said...

I read you Blog faithfully. I MUST be one of your biggest fans - well not in Stature - I am a thin vegetarian - but I love your photos and commentary.

Happy ST. Patricks and congratulations!
Juan Calypso

macmember said...

Hello, my name is Beverly and I live in North Texas area. We are considering retiring to Mexico between 1 and 4 years depending on my husbands contract.

I read your blog (and Rosana) daily. I found out about you through her. Both of your day to day activities, pictures of your Mexican houses and your areas are very interesting to me.

Being that I am not interested in photography or understand the details, that is not interesting to me, but love pictures of your house, other houses in Mexico and the people.

Looking forward to your return to Mexico. Thank you and keep it up.