Thursday, March 16, 2006

The Best FotoFest Exhibition I Saw Today

I wanted my Austin friend Kay to see my exhibition while she was in town so we headed over to Colquitt Gallery Row. After Kay's suitable Oohs and Aaaahs over my work which is up in Goldesberry Gallery we headed down Gallery Row. At Hooks-Epstein Galleries was the work of Kathryn Dunlevie. I'm sure some of you will click on the link but the images on the link do not do justice to the work we saw. The prints are collages but so skillfully done with changing planes of perspective and distance that you are enjoying the emotional impact long before you realize that this is a collage.

Anyone who is in Houston this month, be sure to stop at Goldesberry Gallery, 2625 Colquitt to see my show, then head down the street a little further to see Kathryn's work at Hooks-Epstein Galleries, 2631 Colquitt.

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Anonymous said...

Any chance of you getting a few photos of your show - the gallery etc. It would be fun to see for those of us unable to get to Houston.