Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Maxwell is Six Years Old

Last week was Maxwell's 6th birthday. Last year and for several years before that it was trains...first Thomas the train and then Electric trains but now his passion is StarWars and his new birthday bike. He is studying martial arts, Kuk Sool Wan. He is in kindergarden. He loves to read and is reading at the second grade level.

And he is a counter. He knows how many days he has been to school, how many of this and how many of that. But he also bends his numbers to meet his objectives. He had decided that he is going to have two birthdays every year. One on December 25th when he will be 7 and another on this birthday in 2007 when he will be 8.

His parents aren't so sure about that....they aren't ready for him to grow up. They are enjoying their little boy and six years old is enough for now.

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