Saturday, February 25, 2006

Isn't This a Toy Camera?

Anonymous said...
isn't this a toy camera? what am I missing here?

This was one of the comments to my blog entry yesterday when I wrote about ordering a new Deluxe Modified Holga. I'm not sure what Mr. Anonymous is asking.

Why are you excited about buying a cheap plastic camera?
Why the heck are you paying a premium price for a cheap plastic camera?
Why do you care if it leaks light? It is a cheap plastic camera?
Are you serious? Do people really modify these cheap plastic cameras?
Isn't this like a toy, not a real camera?

Mr. Anonymous, what you are missing here is that I love some of the images I get with these cheapo pieces of plastic. Each camera has it's own fingerprint because there is little quality control and the lens is not a percision piece of glass but a molded piece of plastic. Sometimes when you make an image with one of these cameras, an angel is sitting on your shoulder and the image reveals something mystic.

And last, what you are missing is that I've had two one-person shows with images made from these camera and another show will be opening soon.

Toy Camera? Yes, that is what it is called by some.
But also it is often my serious camera.


Anonymous said...

Since I discovered your blog I am hooked. I check back every week to see what you're up to. Thanks for the recommendation about the fellow on the Vespa. I'm getting a motorcycle soon and plan to tote my camera everywhere with me. I'm also headed to San Miguel for 2 weeks (how I found your blog in the first place) and am now going to take my Holga. Do you develop your own film? Do you tape up the camera? I haven't done that yet but think I will for Mexico. Am planning to use gaffer's tape. Any suggestions?

-Mary Ann

BillieS said...

Mary Ann, yes I tape up the holga. I hate the light leaks that so many others seem to love. I have been developing my own film but not in Mexico. I really love using Delta 3200 film and then developing it at 400, 800, or 1600 ISO depending on the light. But I've done some projects with color film and I may work some more with color film and then take it to monochrome in Photoshop just so it will be easier to work in Mexico. I can get 120 color film developed there but I don't think I'd trust having my Delta film developed. Not that they can't do it but there is a communication gap and I know that the film would be sent out of the town to be developed...maybe Queretaro or even Mexico City.

If we are in SMA while you are there, I'd love to meet you. Anyone who uses a Holga has to be my kind of people. I'm really glad to know that I do have a regular reader. You sometimes wonder who if anyone is reading.