Sunday, February 26, 2006

Forget About Art, Take Pictures

My blog buddy, Tommy Williams wrote a comment the other day in my blog about the difficult time he was having making pictures. He was expecting one thing but he was getting something else when he took the camera out. His expectations were inhibiting making any photographs at all because they might not live up to what he was expecting.

Yes, I can relate. I have been busy with printing and doing other things and wanted to go out and make pictures. I loaded up 3 Holgas and took off walking. I was expecting to "see" pictures, pictures that would fill up the 3 rolls of film and out of the three rolls, I was sure that there would be "something." I just took the film to be developed but I don't think I made a picture of "anything" much less a "something." I was pretty disappointed with myself. I was expecting to make ART.

This was the first time I've had film in a Holga in a long time.....maybe a year. Why did I expect to pick up that camera and suddenly be back where I was with it two years ago. I gotta forget about ART and just make pictures.

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Anonymous said...

"I gotta forget about ART and just make pictures." -- Billie

Well a big D U H !!! on that one.