Friday, February 24, 2006

Shipping Today

I've ordered a new camera and it is shipping today. It is the Deluxe model. Very pricey....for a Holga. I'm getting the Deluxe Modified Holga with a cable release and maybe with more or less correct apertures of f8 and f11. I want to see what it can do with night photography. I just hope I get one with a lens that is really soft around the edges and maybe if I'm really lucky it will have double images in one or two corners but no light leaks.

I seem to jump between high-tech and low tech. The first time I used a Holga it was as a way to free myself from a tripod and a medium format camera. Oh, it was so fun to photograph with the Holga with no expectations after being so intent while I was shooting the interiors of Mexican churches for several years. Now I've been mainly shooting digital for about three years and digital is feeling confining and static. Time to play.


Anonymous said...

isn't this a toy camera? what am I missing here?

Tommy Williams said...

I'm thinking about some of the same ideas, although not by changing equipment. Instead, I'm thinking about changing focus, or intent. I've been thinking so hard about producing *art* that I've backed myself into a corner and I'm not producing anything at all.

On my way to work this morning, there was ice and I wasn't expecting it, so I slid across the road on my face ( ). Of course I had to take a picture when I got back home.

And while I was doing that, I realized that I might find all kinds of new ways of expressing myself in photography if I would just forget about art and take pictures of stuff to post on my blog.

Let's hope it works.

BillieS said...

Tommy, here is how one of my photographer friends connects the dots: photography, riding his Vespa, and blogging. I think Vespa should hire him for their print ads.