Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Tooth Fairy

Maxwell lost his first tooth while eating pizza this weekend. The tooth fairy came Sunday night. Doug had to leave for work before Max woke up on Monday but Doug wrote me about the phone call he had from him.

We gave him 6 quarters. He had to call me up this morning to tell me. He
said, "Dad! The tooth fairy was here. She gave me lots of quarters."
I said, "How many?"
He said, "Six!"
"Do you know how much that is?"
..."Uh, what?"
"That's a dollar fifty."

"Dad! The tooth fairy gave me six quarters!"

"a dollar fifty" didn't compute. The boy is a concrete thinker.

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Champurrado said...


That's so funny. My 6 year old lost one of her teeth yesterday too. The northern tooth fairy left her a silver coin under her pillow. How does that fairy get around the world like she does?