Thursday, December 15, 2005

Home for the Holidays

Home for the Holidays......but we have been debating WHICH home for the holidays. Texas? San Miguel?

The Christmas Holidays have always been important to me. The family I grew up in didn't do much celebration for the holidays. We lived away from both my father and mother's families and so it was always just the four of us....Dad, Mom, Margaret and me. We'd open presents on Christmas Eve and on Christmas Day we'd have a dinner. Nothing more elaborate than a normal Sunday dinner. I always wanted more....not more presents but more festivities.

When I met Ned and started joining in his family celebrations, I found my holiday celebration. Decorations all around the house, big tree with lots of presents under it, lots of activities leading up to Christmas, music, people stopping by on Christmas Eve, opening presents Christmas morning, tables loaded with food, family coming in for the day on Christmas.

Over the years the location may have changed and change occurred because there were changes in the family but it remained a festive time with lots of coming and going, preparation, people and special foods. I loved it all. A special family time that gave our boys roots. And even though at times all the preparations almost were overwhelming for me, it was what I wanted to do.

This year is different. The sons have families and businesses and other obligations. Although Doug and his family have invited us to join them, we are in Mexico and getting back across the border Christmas week will mean hours of waiting to cross the bridge. Right after Christmas I would need to be back in San Miguel because I must print the images for my show which is coming up in March. Going to Austin would be a long trip for a short stay.

We have been wondering what Christmas is like here in San Miguel. So after weeks of deliberating, we have decided to stay here in San Miguel for Christmas.

It is just hard to imagine what Christmas will be like without our sons and their families, without Ned's sister, Betty and her family, without putting up the big tree and decorating the house with greenery, without the crowded shopping malls and traffic jams, without loading up two shopping carts with groceries for holiday feasts.

Some of you may be thinking....."You'll miss the malls and traffic? the days of cooking?" Yes, I will and I'll miss being with family. But San Miguel is home too. We may never do this again but who says that "senior citizens" aren't adventurous and open to change.

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