Sunday, December 18, 2005

Close to Home

Lots of photographers like to photograph in "other" locations. I do too but over the last few years I've been trying to see images "close to home." A couple of these "close to home" shoots have turned into serious on going projects. I started photographing along Buffalo Bayou just a few blocks from my Houston home and gradually the body of work grew and became an exhibition. About three years ago I started photographing in my neighborhood, the Old Sixth Ward, in Houston and that work is beginning to have a coherence.

Here in Colonia San Antonio in San Miguel de Allende, I've started trying to "see" what is happening here close to my Mexican home. I photographed in the neighborhood at Easter on Viernes de Dolores and on Good Friday.

Now it is Christmas and I'm looking through the view finder to see what I can see "Close to Home."

Juanita's Pizza....just around the corner from the house.

Christmas Pinata in the Mechanic's outdoor shop.

Altar in the house across the street from the Mechanic

Christmas tree outside a house on the street behind us.


Anonymous said...

Senora Mercer: Would surely like to be able to make these fine photos LARGER!
Juan Calypso

Steve Williams said...

The idea that subject matter is close to home is something I embrace in my work. I have always needed to be completely "unwound" in order to produce any kind of sensitive work in response to a place. When I travel I am caught up in the "wow" response. It usually takes days or weeks in a place to let go of that. Until I get that comfortable my images are generally of the postcard variety---pretty but devoid of anything else.

Your images are great, especially the one of the Christmas tree outside the house. Looks almost surreal.

Merry Christmas!


Heather said...

Great pics! Hope you have a fantastic holiday!