Friday, October 07, 2005

We Found It!

Today we went to Queretaro for a couple of errands with our friends Mike and Jean. I also wanted to find the store where some friends bought granite for their cocina. They have left town so I called the decorator who helped them with some of the things in their house. DeWayne didn't know the name of the street or the name of the store. He did give me some general directions about how to find the Pizza Hut and then turn on the first street that came in from the right and the granite store would be down a little ways.

You know how it is, you hear the directions and it seems simple.........Well, it wasn't quite that simple. The first problem we had was that we were coming out of the large Liverpool parking garage and since we aren't really familiar with the shopping center we came out an exit that didn't let us go exactly where we had hoped to be. So it took some circling around.

Then we weren't sure if Av. Constituyentes would be to the left or the right on Mex 57. We went left and we needed to go right. Then we had to work our way back over to Av. Constituyentes. Now we are on Constituyentes but the directions from DeWayne indicated the Pizza Hut is going to be on the other side of the street so we have to go back under Mex 57 before we get to a place that we can make a U-turn. We are looking for Pizza Hut and looking for Pizza Hut and are about to decide that maybe we have missed it or maybe it was Dominos that we passed earlier.

Finally we see it and turn on the street just before it. After driving down that street a few blocks we stopped and asked a man if he knew where the store was that sold the granitos. He looked puzzled. Then we asked if he knew a store that sold piedras (stones). Yes, he did. Further down the street and on the right. We drove a little further and there it was.

If anyone is looking for granite, cantera or marble, the store is:
Terrazos y Granitos del Centro
Fray Jaun de San Miguel No. 60
3ra. Seccion Col. Cimatario
C.P. 76030
Queretaro, QRO.
Phone 01 (442) 216-0580

The Saleswoman was most helpful and gave us a board of samples of the granite. Yes, there are a couple that I like. The cost is about 1/2 of what I paid for granite in the USA 6 years ago.

Eduardo had given us the name of a couple of restaurants in Queretaro that might be nice for comida. One of the restaurants was just a few blocks from the granite store. We walked over and had a lovely comida.

Queretaro is a big city. I'm amazed that we found both places and we were only lost a little bit.

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