Saturday, October 08, 2005

Looking Good!

When tourists visit San Miguel, they probably think that we have found the fountain of youth because there are a lot of youthful looking senior citizens. I have to admit that the mountain air, daily exercise walking up the hillsides, and good food do their part in keeping us youthful. But then there is also the business of youth....plastic surgery.

So many of my friends have had plastic surgery that I'm beginning to feel left out of conversations because I haven't had plastic surgery and can't talk about whether the surgeon in Celaya or San Luis Potosi is better. I don't have any scars to show. And I have baggy eyelids and don't have a nice smooth neckline.

In the last two days I saw one of my friends who has just had a face lift and gone are sagging jowls. He looks thinner and more alert. I was with a friend who is just getting past the bruising when we met another friend who revealed that she had a procedure last summer. I didn't know that! I thought she was so vibrant because she is always bubbly. Even my hair dresser talks about who he thinks does the best plastic surgery.

I googled "plastic surgery San Miguel de Allende" and found 16,900 results. Whoa!

San Miguel seems to be a destination for people from the USA who want to get a face lift but not at the hefty USA prices.

A Hotel that specializes in providing a supportive environment after plastic surgery

A plastic surgery clinic

An online listing of plastic surgeons in the area

Tour packages for a $6000 face lift in San Miguel

A surgeon from Celaya who has operated on several of my friends and they look great.

But there has to be a downside to plastic surgery across the border because google also showed that ABC, Fox and MSNBC have done expose pieces about it. So I guess anyone contemplating a nip or a tuck should do their homework.

I'd like to stay as young as my friends but somehow I always need another lens, or printer or some kind of expensive photo equipment. Maybe next year.


Anonymous said...

DON'T DO IT Bille -
Good strong relationships with loving partners don't require invasions of one's fleshly surfaces to be appealing. I am one for aging gracefully and naturally. The beauty of the inside of my wife pales any concerns for that of the outer. And this is isn't to say she is not a lovely woman and always will be to me - if the future brings wrinkles, sags and all ;-)

Calypso John in snowy Colorado

BillieS said...

Juan, I'm for ageing gracefully....just not saggy and wrinkley if we can help it. On the other hand, it isn't important enough to ever come up to the top of my "lust list," Now before someone gets the wrong idea, a "lust list" it is what some of my photographer friends and I call our list of equipment that we are feeling like we can't live with out. When ever we do buy something from the list, it seems like there are 2 more things that get added on.

So while I'm not opposed to plastic surgery, not very likely that I'll want it enough to do it.