Thursday, October 20, 2005


Don't you just love the clink of glasses when you make a toast? The glasses touch, "Ting" and then you smile at the person on the other end of the glass sharing a special moment when both of you are appreciating the same thing. A special shared moment. A commemoration of an event.

We opened a special bottle of wine on Tuesday night. A bottle of wine given to us by our friends Tom and Dianne. They knew they would not be here when our studio construction was finished but they wanted to celebrate with us when it was done. So all the way from their home in Oregon, they brought us a bottle of 2000 Pinot Noir from the Tyee Wine Cellars from the Williamette Valley in Corvallis, Oregon.

We waited until not only the studio was complete but also the tejado on the new terrace. Then on Tuesday night we carried our dinner up to the third floor terrace, opened the bottle of wine. We toasted Tom and Dianne. We toasted the new room, the new terrace, San Miguel, the new one day older. We toasted each other. We toasted friends. Somewhere in all of that toasting, we also had dinner.

Many thanks to good friends, Tom and Dianne for their thoughtful gift.

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