Thursday, October 20, 2005


The Astros won!
And without going to the very last game.

I'm not sure that Ned could have stood the anxiety for two more games. Now he has a few days to recover before the BIG ONE.

We stayed home last night so he could watch the game. But it ended up the game wasn't carried on ESPN in Mexico. I don't know how they could think a soccer game was more important than the Astros game. There are lots of Mexican baseball fans. Lots of Mexicans have worked in Houston and in Texas. I'm sure we were not the only ones who wanted to see the 'Stros.

So he had to go to the next option, reading it on the Astro's website. It was so funny, there he sat staring at the computer screen waiting for them to type what was happening. But it was weird too because he had just as much anxiety and "Houston stomach" as if he been sitting in front of the TV watching the guys wipe sweat, scratch and spit.

But the bottom line is, we're going to the World Series. It's been a long time coming.

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