Thursday, October 20, 2005

A Birthday Party!

I don't guess we can stop the birthdays from rolling around every year so we might as well party. That is what we did today for Ned's birthday. It is the end of the 60's and we thought we would just go out for dinner but son, Gary called and said that he wanted to give a party for his Dad.
Okay, but there is just one little problem. We're in San Miguel de Allende and you are in Houston, 900 miles away. Gary had it all figured out, gather up some friends and go to ChaChaCha just around the corner from our house and have comida.

Oh, we can do that.

Yesterday I told ChaChaCha that we were coming so be ready for 12 gringos. They had tables set up for us on the patio, salsa's on the table, and big bowls of guacamole with lots of chips. In just a bit out came plates of stuffed, deep-fried jalapenos. We ordered from their menu....quesadillas, albondigas, enchiladas, milanesa, arroz, frijoles, ensaladas. Oh my, muy delicioso. The table was cleared and a flan de cafe was served.

I think Ned had a great birthday party.
Muchas Gracias, Gary

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