Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Sniff....mmmm....smells like stewing chicken. Sniff. Sniff at the window. Oh, Senora Cervantes is stewing chicken. Wonder if she is making sopa and maybe chicken enchilades for comida. Maybe both. Smells good.

Back to the computer. Just a part of my day. Knowing what my neighbors are cooking.

How different than the USA. We have great vents to take the odors from the kitchen. God forbid that a dinner guest should guess what they are having for dinner when they walk in the door. Of course the house is closed tightly with AC or Heating so we never have a smell from the neighbor's kitchen.

But here, I know what my neighbors are having for comida. I wonder what they thought we were having for dinner tonight. I prepared southern fried chicken, cream gravy, rice and salad.


Don Mich said...

I'm just commenting to let you know that I am enjoying your 'blog' and that I am distressed to see that you don't have many comments so far. I am commenting so that you will not get discouraged and give up and quit posting. I want you to keep it up. I like the photos, too.

BillieS said...

Don, thanks for the comments. I don't get many. I think my family reads it from time to time but the never comment. A
nd every once in a while I run into someone who says, I read what you wrote about....
Then I have a couple of friends who send me private messages about some of my posts.
But you do wonder who might be reading it. And then I wonder WHY are they reading it. Just glad you are a regular.