Tuesday, September 20, 2005


I used this image to make my first large color print from the new Epson 4000 printer. What can I say, except I'm very happy with this printer. The image was shot around Easter of this year and this is the first print I've made of it. I didn't even bother making a small "proof" print first....just went right to the big one.

All my photography friends have heard my moaning and groaning about digital color printing. They could get what they saw on the monitor from their printers but I wasn't. I had two custom profiles made for the Epson 2200 and Entrada paper...still the shadows tended to block up. The color was off although I had a "Spyder" to calibrate the monitor. I learned to "read" the eye-dropper in PhotoShop to judge the highlights and shadows but still I constantly had problems. I bought ImagePrint software and that was a big improvement in my printing. But still I had more problems than most people. Was it just me?

Now my new set-up, new monitor, new calibration hardware and software, new printer, new version of PhotoShop, new RIP for printing black and white, new software for reducing noise, new software for converting digital color files to black and white and it all seems to be coming together. You would think with so many NEW things, I would be having more problems but not so.

On September 11, I wrote about printing acceptable black and white images. I'm still in multiple learning curves but I'm happy with the quality of both the color and black and white prints I can produce now. The issue now is making images that are worthy of being printed.

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Heather said...

I love that picture! You really have a gift!