Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The Next Construction Project

The next construction project? Yes we are launched on another one. This time we are putting up a tejado or roof over a part of the new terrace. We had a roof over part of the old terrace and we saved the beams and roof tiles when it was taken down. The tiles and smaller beams have been stored on the patio but the three major beams that were about 12 feet long and 12 inches square were lifted from the second floor to the new roof as we were building the new studio. It would be a major effort to get them up from the ground.

I'm having a gas line run over to the back wall of the covered area so we can put in a fireplace or chimenea if we want it. There are a lot of cool evenings and a fireplace will be welcome addition. I'm not sure how I will "decorate" this new space. I've thought about cushioned chairs and love seats for a comfortable seating area but I'm leaning more to a big table with comfy chairs because we typically go up there with drinks and snacks. I like the conversation area that is created with a round table.

Basically this project is building 5 brick columns to support the beams, putting the beams in place, then the smaller boards to support the tiles and then placing the tiles. They tell us it will take two weeks. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the estimate is right.

Projects still on the drawing board; redoing the patio and redoing the kitchen. But we can only take so much construction at a time.

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