Thursday, September 01, 2005

Like Father, Like Son

I called to check on Maxwell and how he was doing with Kindergarten. Susan told me that he has been going for 11 days and he has lost 2 plastic containers and his lunch box and maybe one or two other things. I started laughing.....he is like his father. Doug lost sweaters, jackets, shoes, keys, books....anything that wasn't permanently attached to his body.

Then Doug got on the phone to talk and he told me that he had a talk with Maxwell about keeping up with his stuff. Maxwell told him that he had been trying really, really hard but he didn't know what happened. He thought that maybe the germs had taken his lunch box off. I started laughing again. Doug was always my child with the wild explanations about what had happened to him.

Oh, they are going to have fun raising this boy. Like Father, like son.

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