Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Catching Up

We've been back a few days now and we have been catching up.

Construction on the two house remodels down the street are progressing. There were robberies in a couple of houses in the neighborhood. Laptops and cameras seem to be the items that the thieves are after. The refurbish of the jardin in the centro is almost finished but I'm not sure it looks any more inviting. Finally I'm seeing ladies with buckets of squash blossoms for sale. School has started and you see all the kids in their school uniforms and backpacks coming and going. The tables for the workstation are finished and we went to Dolores Hildago to see them today and to pick out the color for the stain. The new lampshades for the downstairs bedroom were ready. There hasn't been much rain while we have been gone. Two of my three orchids have put out spikes. All the pot plants that suffered through the remodeling are starting to look good again now that they are back on the terrace. Stands with all sizes of Mexican flags are sprouting along the roads in preparation for Mexican Independence Day. Friends have returned and friends have left town.
Life goes on.

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