Sunday, August 14, 2005

Dinner with Jack and Will

One of the reasons we have to come back to Texas is to see family, especially the granddaughters in our family. As soon as we were back in town, Betsy called to say come for dinner.

A lot has happened this summer with Jack and Will. Both have grown. They have surfer hair cuts that they are very proud of. Did you know that a surfer haircut is different than a buzz cut? Well, it least that is what the boys tell me. They went to tennis clinics and they are growing into good tennis players. They had a great time in California with their other set of grandparents....lots of beach time and a trip on a catamaran to see dolphins. Jack played lots of baseball and for the first time, he is signed up in a football league. He has already gotten some bruises that he is very proud of. Will just had his sixth birthday and one of his presents was a new gameboy. Very serious business, a game boy. He is going to play in a soccer little league this fall and he will be starting in Kindergarten. It seems like over the summer he has changed a lot. Suddenly he is taller, his face has lost a bit of the baby boy roundness and he is more in control of himself.

Both of the boys are into bathroom humor. A fart is something to talk about. Is it just boys? We never had any girls in the family but boys and bathroom humor seem to go together. More pictures of the boys are on flickr.

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