Wednesday, April 27, 2005


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I've been shooting from the hip again today. Carried the camera along when I walked into town. I kind of wandered into town, looked at furniture since we will have to furnish the new room and then I had to shop for dinner. First at Bonaza for some staples and then just a door or two up the street for fruits and vegetables. The mangos in this tiny market reminded of a recent blog from Cooking with Amy on April 11. Then on April 24, she posted a recipe for Frozen Mango Lassi.

By the way, for anyone just tuning in "shooting from the hip" means I don't lift the camera to my eye. I just shoot in the general direction I have it pointed to from where it hangs on my shoulder. Actually you make a lot of strange pictures this way but every once in a while, you get one that is interesting.

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