Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Comida with friends

I'm sure you have heard of "Power Breakfast" or "Power Lunch" signifying a quick meal where important business connections and decisions are made. Well today I didn't have a Power Lunch but I did have a "powerful lunch" with five other women here in San Miguel. The luncheon was hosted by a friend. The variety of food was wonderful, starting with an amazing cold yellow pepper soup and finishing with a fruit tart. My friend's house is beautiful and furnished with collections of things she acquired while living in the Middle East now mixed with Mexican furniture and crafts.

These things alone could have made a lovely afternoon but it's value was much deeper. For over 3 hours I sat and talked with strong, talented women who are living vital lives and continue to look for ways to make a difference. We discussed some of the issues that San Miguel faces and how we can contribute. We discussed the work we are currently involved in. It was exciting to hear about each other and each ones points of view. Before the luncheon I knew some of the women as acquaintances but I left the luncheon feeling energized and more connected to them.

I've been thinking about how important my women friends are and it brought to mind a study I read about on the importance of friendship among women. The study indicates that the way women relate to each other, helps us deal with stress and can prolong life. The study seems to indicate that the way we relate may be due to the different hormones in our bodies.

This is all well and good but for me, I can't imagine life without women friends who bring so much from their own exciting lives into mine.

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