Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Day 2

Day 2
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This afternoon rock, sand, and bricks were unloaded right outside our front door in the street. Also in the street is all the rubble from the deconstruction. The street is difficult enough to navigate under normal circumstances but our piles of building materials make it even more difficult. Still the Mexicans just do it, they figure out how to get their cars and trucks thru spaces that may only have a few inches of clearance on each side.

Cement, calc and re-bar were also delivered but those materials are nicely stacked and reside on the portico inside the house.

The person on the truck unloading bricks looked to be a boy about 12 years old. He was working with his Father. You often see boys with their Fathers doing hard labor, learning a trade. Child labor? Yes, of course, that is what we would call it in the United States. Visions of lines of children in factories working long hours come to mind when we hear "child labor." But this is different in that the child is with family. And it this so different than the early days of the US when children worked the farms with parents. I just hope this child is also going to school, doesn't have to try to sneak into the United States to make enough money for his family, and has a good life.

The architect had told us that they would move the rubble but the workday ended and we thought that no one was coming. About 9 PM someone came, loaded their truck, knocked on the door and said they would return for the rest. They did about 11 PM. Every night, I feel sorry for our neighbors. I know they will be glad when this project is complete.

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