Monday, April 04, 2005

Day 1

Day 1
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It has begun. I don't know whether to call it construction or deconstruction. Today it was deconstruction. Above the living area in our house in San Miguel, we are building another room. We are calling it an office/studio. That seems simple enough but it means that we have to move all the plants and furniture that has been happily residing on the terrace and deconstruct the covered terrace and the laundry room and then construct a new landryroom, bathroom and the studio space with a fireplace and some closet space. Then the stairs that will go to the new 3rd floor terrace.

Over the weekend we moved as much stuff as we could, including all the artwork that was hung in the stairwell. We just didn't know how in the world they would move all the big plants that were on the terrace and take down the beams that held up the terrace tiles. But we shouldn't have worried. The Mexicans are strong and very smart in figuring out how to do contruction.

The crew arrived at 8:30 this morning and by 9:30, with much whistling and singing all the plants were moved down to the patio except for three very large pots. We don't know what they will do about them but feel confident that they will figure it out.

The hammering and chipping started. The biggest problem was taking down the brick and cement columns that held up the tiles of the covered terrace. We feel very sorry for our neighbors....the noise was loud and continuous. But at the end of the day, the colums were down. We are amazed. Can't wait to see what happens tomorrow.

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