Wednesday, February 01, 2012

You Do Not Meet the Qualifying Criteria

I know it has only been a month since I turned 75 but does being 75 years old put some mark on your forehead that says OLD in the United States.

We are in Houston for some medical stuff. It seems like ever since we got out of immigration we have been treated differently. When we boarded the bus to go the central car rental place the driver jumped out to help us with our luggage. That wasn't so different but when we arrived at the car terminal by the time we stood up the driver was at my elbow, past all the other people in the front of the bus, to help us. We were sitting right by our luggage and we could easily have gotten it and stepped off the bus. No, no. He took my elbow and help me and then Ned step down off the bus and then handed us our luggage. that is his job but it just seemed a  little over the top. I've had the driver help me before but this just seemed different.

We did the paperwork for the car and headed out to the parking area to find it. In Houston there is a two level garage for all the car rental agencies. Just as we stepped out the door we looked at the signs to see which level our car rental agency was on. A man who came out right behind us stopped to ask if he could help us. If he had had a car rental logo on his shirt that would have been one thing but he was just another person going out to get his rental car. why did he stop to help us? Did we really look that lost?

There were several other instances of people jumping in to help. Enough so, that Ned and I were laughing about it. Then came the incident with Best Buy.

I bought my iPhone from Best Buy and the person helping me was very knowledgeable and very nice. So when they sent an email asking me to participate in a survey because I was a recent customer, I clicked okay even though I don't usually do surveys. The first question they asked was, How old are you? I clicked 75. The next thing that pops up on the screen is: Thank you for your willingness to take part. Unfortunately you do not meet the qualifying criteria on this occasion. Thank you for your time. Seventy-five years old is too damn old for Best Buy to be interested in my experience in their store. Man, that is cold, really cold.

Yesterday I had a colonoscopy. Yuck! After it was over, the doctor said everything looked okay and no polyps so unless I had a problem, I didn't need to schedule another colonoscopy since I was 75. So what gives? If you are over 75 you will probably die of something else before you would colon cancer? On the other hand I had already told Ned that I wasn't going to go through the prep for a colonoscopy ever again.

Maybe I just need to change my attitude. If having an OLD sign on my forehead means I don't have to have any more colonoscopies and makes the younger people run around and do things for me, I should just just sit back and enjoy old age.


Calypso said...

I am 10 years your junior - but some days I feel very old. Someone relayed a compliment regarding my knowledge on a subject which included "That old guy is smart". I was not pleased!

But, the bottom line is why not take advantage of some of the considerations given out to the more seasoned amongst us - what the heck we might consider it a trade-off for the aches and pains ;-)

Bob Mrotek said...

I hope you live to be at least 115.

Old Man Kirby said...

Billie, If you move into a senior's only apartment the tables are turned!
At 75 you find yourself opening doors for the "real" senior citizens and doing all those things that are now being done for you! The ages in the group that I play poker with range from 75 (me)to 85. When I go to Bingo(seldom) I am once again the youngest and find myself deferring to the other residents. When we have dinner downstairs (also seldom) we have to weave our way around walkers and power wheel chairs. There are many good things about living in this environment but it's a whole new way of socializing!

Steve Cotton said...

I was actually called "Gramps" the other day. But it is better than being ignored all together.

alcuban said...

I'm 64 and the doctors already have started prefacing their diagnoses and opinions with, "Well, at YOUR age..." Next time, I'm going to ask, "Well, at MY age, am I supposed to resign myself to any and all ailments?"

al lanier

MexicoCooks said...

This being old business is weird. I usually feel much younger than what is stated on my official ID.

Often when riding on public transportation I am moved to give my seat to a person who appears to be older than I. Then I realize that I am quite likely much older than the standing man or woman, so I keep my seat. The rest of the time I feel annoyed that people who look younger than I don't get up and give ME a seat.

And then there are the lovely young men and women who actually stand up and offer me their seats! I am always grateful to them and to their parents, for raising them right.

Abrazos to you and Ned, Billie. We are all old...

winn said...


Billie said...

I thank you all for your comments. Growing older isn't so bad when you do it with your friends.