Friday, January 27, 2012

Cabrito at La Tregua

Ned has been wanting Cabrito. It is hard to find. Every once in a while we will hear of a restaurant in San Miguel that has cabrito on the menu but it is taken off of the menu or they close before we get there. We were talking about cabrito with some friends and they said they knew where we could get it. La Tregua on the old highway between Comonfort and Celaya. La Tregua has a couple of  translations. The main one is "truce" but I found another translation of "respite." Maybe some truce was signed along this road but when I walked in and looked over the broad valley from the balcony, the word respite seemed more appropriate to me.
For some reason I thought it was going to be a little rustic restaurant. Wrong. It was a lovely place. There were attendants in the parking lot and lots of waiters in black pants and white shirts who were attentive. The menu was two pages long but we were only looking for the cabrito so I'm not even sure what else that was on the menu. My eyes focused on the Especialidades where there two listings for preparations of cabrito.  We came for cabrito and it didn't take us very long to put in an order for four cabrito pastor.

The cabrito was delicious, the beer was icy cold, the waiters took good care of us and we sat on the balcony looking at this beautiful valley. The steeple of the church is in Soria and that village is another story for another time. We will definitely be going back to La Tregua and maybe the next time I'll read the menu and see what else they serve.

Another reason I love San Miguel.....adventures in the countryside.


jennifer rose said...

I remember stopping at La Tregua with my sister in the early 90's. We were famished, ordering a lot of cabrito and then making the mistake of washing it down with glass after glass of ice tea. Ice tea and goat at not a good mix, because it sort of congealed the tallow. We weren't hungry for a long time, but it made for a great memory of the place.

BTW, John Wood wrote a great blog post about Sora several years back. It's worth consulting before making a trip there.

Billie said...

Funny story, Jennifer.
I tried to find John's story about Soria but it is in his archived blog and I can not find a search feature in it. He did have a good tale to tell.

jennifer rose said...

Hint: Google MexicoWoods+Soria

alcuban said...

"Cabrito" would be "young goat" right? Haven't had goat of any age since we were in Jamaica 30 years ago. This Sunday we've invited to a "borrego" party, which (I think) is either lamb or teenage sheep.

We'll let you know what it tastes like.