Monday, December 19, 2011

An Early Christmas Present

I got an early Christmas present . . . An iPhone.  I've been talking about one for most of this year. Not because of the phone. I had a perfectly good cell phone. I wanted it for the camera and the photography apps. I know that is a ridiculous reason to get an iPhone so you don't have to tell me what I already know.

Here is the thing. I've been watching photography friends posting iPhone images on Facebook and looking at their websites where they are making marvelous art using the apps. I've listened to them talk about the iPhone always being with them so it was the camera they used most often. I've tried to avoid buying the phone by buying some of the small point and shoot cameras. Too much trouble to carry the cell phone AND the camera. But now I have it all in one tiny package and if I'm bored while I wait for something, I can always take a photograph into the apps and play.

I've had the iPhone for almost two weeks now and I'm addicted.  Thank you, Santa.


Sam and Bob said...


I'm glad you like your new toy. I get so frustrated trying to upload pictures to my blog and Facebook that I rarely do it anymore because it takes too much time. I need to find a new method.

Merry Christmas,


jennifer rose said...

A girl and her playthings! How do you think your poor, plain but honest Holgas feel, cast aside for the more glamorous iPhone?

alcuban said...

You've got too many toys already. How do you find the time?


Billie said...

Sam, are you using an iPhone?

Jennifer, I think they probably feel like last years dolls.

Al....I do have some nice toys but I'm a very, very good girl!

sparks_mex said...

I just got an IPhone with a Telcel Internet package. Had to get the package/account to get a decent amount of Internet time. Out here in the country there is no Telmex phone or Internet.

The IPhone is pretty cool but picture quality so far does not match a good camera

Billie said...

Sparks, you are right that the picture quality does not match my DSLR especially if I want to make prints. But it will always be with me. And I have seen a small 7x7 blurb book made with iPhone instagram images that was fabulous. So it is a toy that has limitations in the photography department just like the Holga or some of the small point & shoots.

Shirley Gonzalez-Day said...

I love my iPhone. I, too, have a larger camera but never carry it with me because it's too bulky and why? The iPhone takes fabulous photos. Love your blog. Spent some wonderful days in San Miguel a few years ago.