Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Crossing the Border One More Time

Yes, we made the border crossing at Laredo one more time by car. Other than seeing a lot of military convoys headed South and Federal Police convoys headed North all was quiet. Don't misunderstand. Just because we didn't see any bodies piled up on the highway doesn't mean that everything is safe in Nuevo Laredo. Yet, there was a big softball game going on as we drove by parks along the river. The Ford car dealership and other businesses were open. I always wonder how I could live in a war zone or endure what the people in Japan are living through. Would I be a survivor? Someone who could go on day after day under the stress of such living conditions? I hope I never have to find out.

So many times we have waited to cross the border but this time we sailed right on to the bridge and waited for about three cars to clear out in front of us. A long day of driving but an easy border crossing.

This is the first time we have made the trip with Carly. She is a good traveler. Once the car is moving she curls up in the back seat and sleeps except when she is braced on the armrest between the seats and looking out the front window.


Phil said...

Sorry, I'm lost. Are you returning to Mexico from the US? My only clue is spending the birthday with the grandson.

Billie said...

Just what I was trying to do. Keep people confused. LOL
I'm in TX.

Sam and Bob said...

I love this picture of Carly. Glad to hear you made it safely. We were by your home today...Bob got his hair cut next door. All is well here in SMA.

Anonymous said...

A truly cute pooch.

-- Felipe

Billie said...

Zapata she is a cutie and becoming quite an international dog. When we got her she only understood Spanish but she has picked up English. Very smart dog.