Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Night in Colonia San Antonio #1

The apartment across the street from us. I made this image while I was waiting for the full moon to come up the other night.


Anonymous said...

I admire circular stairs. All my adult life I wanted one, and now I have one. A view of one is pretty good too. As is a full moon.

Gloria said...

That is just beautiful Billie. I love the circular stairs. Excellent shot. I hope you enjoyed the Super Moon the other night. Take care.

Phil said...

Great Picture!

I want to know where the stairs go.

Billie said...

Zapata, isn't it nice to get the things we always wanted.

Gloria, I'm glad you like it.

Phil, the stairs go to the roof. I've never seen any of the many tenants of the apartment go up there.