Saturday, December 18, 2010

Outside My Door

A little change of pace from the Christmas lights.

 Houston doesn't have a lot of Fall color but this afternoon while I was walking Carly I noticed that the crape myrtles still have some leaves and they looked like flames in the bright sunlight. This tree was right outside our apartment door. My heart was filled with joy to see this brief moment of beauty. The sun isn't shining on them now and their color is dulled. In another day or so they will be gone but that one instant in time was precious.

I'm making myself a promise to look for and cherish more of those special moments whether it is with the natural world around me or with my family and friends. And also, capture them with the camera.


Steve Cotton said...

I was thinking the same thing yesterday. as I sat in the local church for a funeral mass, the designs on the wall caught my attention. I promised to return. When I did, the light had completely changed. Either catch it or lose it. At least, I have the memory.

Sam and Bob said...

Many times it is the simple things that give the greatest pleasures. We really enjoy being in Mexico for Christmas because it is not as commercialized as it is in the States.