Tuesday, July 06, 2010

What The Camera Sees

Are you wondering what this is? It is the top of the fountain pot where the bouganvilla blossom was floating in the image from yesterday. In the image yesterday the water seems so smooth but here there seems to be a hundred ripples. I have to tell you that when I took the picture I was not expecting to see this. My eye was seeing almost smooth water but the camera is not the human eye.

I think water may be one of the best examples of why you need to understand how the camera "sees" and to know how to use the controls on your camera. Do you want to see every drop of water  or do you want the water to look as smooth as glass or somewhere in between?


Calypso said...

In the blink of a shutter - good shot ;-)

Steve Cotton said...

Your post is a reminder of how marvelously our minds and eyes work together. And why a camera can be such an artistic tool. Seeing what we cannot.

Sam and Bob said...

Nice picture. It looks like a honeycomb.

Mexico Cooks said...

Beautiful! I love it.