Monday, July 05, 2010

Going With The Flow

My friend, Ellie, picks up her camera when she is bored and finds the most wonderful things to photograph wherever she is. I wasn't exactly bored this morning while I was setting out on the patio finishing up my coffee but I saw a shadow on the wall that I liked. I ran up stairs and picked up my camera and ended up spending about 45 minutes just shooting closeups of things on the patio. There is so much to see when we just take the time to look.

We have had a nice rain today. I'm not complaining. I'm grateful. The farmers need the rain for their crops and it keeps us cool. We had some rain last night as well and I slept with the cotton blanket pulled up around me. Mmmm....that is one of the things I love about San Miguel. The comfortable summers.

Before the rain, I walked over to the mercado with my little point and shoot camera. Along the way I stopped in the San Juan de Dios church. They were changing the robes on the saints. I sat for a while just watching and feeling the reverance of the place. After leaving the church I took pictures of doorways, fruit in the mercado, some houses on my street. Just being in the moment. Going with the flow.

If I lived in the States, most workers would be off work today since July 4th fell on a Sunday. That is my excuse for having such a laid back day....and I'm sticking to it.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, that's great, but *talking about all yer pics and not posting them is just lazy

Sam and Bob said...

I love this picture!

It is so hot and humid in Michigan. We are in the mid 90's with lots of humidity and we need rain!!

Billie said...

Anon, you can call it lazy but I've never posted all my pics. I probably don't process more than 15% of them and what I'm willing to post is even less. That said, I do have some more from the patio and the mercado that I'll use in the blog from time to time.