Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Home Grown Green Beans

Last night we had home grown green beans....homegrown on our terrace.  If you have been to this house you know that we don't have any garden space that you can see but on the terrace over our bedroom we have some pots and right now we have a couple of tomato plants, green beans, chard, and chives. On the other terrace we have the herb garden of basil, oregano, mint, marjoram, rosemary and a vigorous cherry tomato plant that is just starting to get baby tomatoes. Even this little bit of a garden makes me feel very productive.
This was our first mess of home grown green beans in two years. The first year we had a good result but the next two years something ate them before they even had a chance to flower. This year we bought seeds at Don Pedro, our local hardware store and planted them. The beans are kind of fuzzy instead of smooth. The raw bean has a grassy taste but wasn't fiberous. They cooked quickly and they were really tender and delicious. Along with the green beans we had a grilled pork loin chop and a wonderful salad of greens with arugula that we bought from the Tlalli Organic farm.

I hope that the green bean plants are the kind that keep producing.


jennifer rose said...

If the produce looks funny, then just mutter something about "heirloom" and "organic," and you're home free.

Have you applied for your farm subsidy payments yet? If you can get the USDA to pay you to keep your produce off the market, then you can find other crops not to grow, and you'll be on your way to a cushy and subsidized lifestyle.

Heather said...

Congratulations! I have to post pics of my garden. It's our first at the new house. We still put our herbs on the deck, but our veggie garden has yielded us lots of lettuce, sugar snap peas, zucchini and soon to be jalepeno peppers and tomatoes!

Steve Cotton said...

Those photographs are great. Do your herbs grow all year round?

Sam and Bob said...

WOW...that's a nice batch of beans. How many plants do you have? I hope to pick my second batch today.

tlorenz said...

Your beans are lovely! We bought some from the same organic farm your arugula came from--but the darned things simply would NOT get tender even though we boiled them for over one solid hour. They were still kind of tough and chewy. Any ideas on why that would be? They were nice slender green beans, but the things seem to have an impenetrable core.

Billie said...

Jennifer, do you think I can get the subsidies on my Mexican crops?

Heather, look forward to your pictures of your garden.

Steve, the herbs do except for the basil. I keep replanting it because once it starts to flower the flavor changes in my opinion. Oh and the mint usually dies back but will sometimes come back out.

I think I have about 10 or 12 bean plants.

tlorenz, that is strange. These were tender and not fiberous at all. Sometimes when I buy the smooth green beans in the store some of them will be tough. I like to quickly steam them and then make a green bean salad. I remember many years ago when Kentucky Wonder beans were the rage. Had to have them for Thanksgiving. You cooked them for a long time with some bacon fat for seasoning because they were fiberous. Never see them in stores anymore. I'm glad. Never thought they were that good anyway. Have you bought anything else from that organic farm?

tlorenz said...

I have--we just cooked up a bunch of their carrots and also their beets. We make kind of a marinade with vinegar, dill (from the farm), agave syrup and some spices for the "pickled" flavor. They taste delicious! We also got arugula, cucumber and a few tomatoes.

We're going to try and reconstruct the betabel salad they have at Sollano 16 (The Restaurant) with the creme fraiche horseradish sauce & goat cheese. Yum.