Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Color Sensibility

Houses on my street, side-by-side. I was walking home. I had the little Point and Shoot camera. I was shooting anything that caught my attention. These two house did.

It didn't register until I downloaded them that the color schemes were quite amazing. The gray cement house has aqua colored doors, blue floors and a green sign advertising their juices and such. The gold house has brown around the doors, orangey doors and a yellow sign advertising their posole. When they bought their poster board to make the signs, did they think, "which color goes best with the house." Or is the color choice an innate feeling about color? Choice or Accident? I think it is pretty amazing that the two side-by-side houses showed such individual color preferences.

They also tell something else about our calle. Just on this short section of the street there is a nice bakery, a seafood restaurant, and at least three houses that regularly open the front door to sell some kind of food. The house next door to us has quite a following when they make menudo or tacos. I don't know how the word gets out but there will be a steady stream of cars stopping by. Taxis, police cars, city workers, and whole families. Some sit in the tiny front room and others stand just outside the door and others "para llevar." Just another thing I love watching from my kitchen window.


jennifer rose said...

I'm not sure which disturbs me more -- the superfluous use of quotation marks or the garish medly of mustard, squash and brown.

Billie said...

If you are writing about my quotation marks, I could use an editor. Want to take it on?

jennifer rose said...

Billie, your quotation marks are fine. It's "Pozole" that bothers me.

I think I'm going to have to set myself up as a branch of grammar enforcement dedicated to eradicating the blight of inappropriate quotation marks. If a peso were taxed upon each malfeasor, then many government budgets would easily be brought into the black in a matter of weeks.

Billie said...

Jennifer, I think you are on to something. The Mexican government could definitely use additional sources of revenue. Do you think it is possible that the quotation tax could underwrite the reduction in oil revenues.

Laurie said...

Find stuff. I like the colors. Write on!