Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Process

I've made a lot of progress. Here is one of the pages of the Solo Photograph Book Month. I have until July 3 to finish the book.

I have spent some long 12 hour days at the computer processing images and dropping them into pages and then dropping the pages into Cute PDF Professional where I've arranged and rearranged. I still have to write the text and do quite a bit more tweaking. Some photos will not survive the tweaking and I have to be sure that two-page spreads remain together.

This will be an e-book. I'll enter it on the SoFoBoMo website and also put it on Issuu so anyone who is interested can go take a look.

SoFoBoMo isn't a competition. You don't win a prize. Nothing. Why did I do it? That is a little hard to explain.

Just last night when we were having dinner with friends Cynthia and I talked about our work. We are both retired. Neither of us is out beating the bushes to find recognition or reward for what we are doing but we are both working hard. Our reward is the process not the product. It is the process that keeps us excited and intellectually stimulated. Really that is what it has always been about but when I was younger, I thought I needed recognition and reward to validate my efforts. I never liked the beating the bushes part anyway so it is pretty wonderful to have reached this stage in life when I can focus on what I do love....the process.


Babs said...

I think its called maturity and wisdom my friend - you have BOTH.
BTW, I finally figured out how to be able to comment on your site.

Billie said...

Well tell me what to do because I can't comment on yours.
And thank you.

Anonymous said...

That is so cool (SoFoBoMo)!
Thanks for sharing.
Macha in Costa Rica

Billie said...

Macha, you still have time to join sofobomo and do a book this year. Start tomorrow and finish by the end of July.