Friday, June 25, 2010

Farmhouse Potato Bread with Dill and Chives

I know the bread looks a little green but that is because of the dill and chives. I could take the green out with Photoshop but it would not be true to this marvelous savory bread that I made yesterday, Farmhouse potato bread with dill and chives.

I was planning to write that the aroma of the bread baking was so savory that I kept peaking in the oven to get a better whiff. And that I cut a slice for me just as soon as it had cooled a little bit. Then I read Baggett's description of the bread in Kneadlessly Simple and that is almost the same thing she said.

As you can see the crust is a little crisp and the interior is moist and a bit chewy. The yogurt adds just a bit of
a sourdough taste to the bread but the potatoes and herbs really shine though.

Although we ate the bread with a roasted red pepper tart Baggett suggests that it pairs well with roasted chicken, baked fish or tomato soup. I think it would be perfect with those suggestions but sometimes you gotta cook what you gotta cook. I bought a big bunch of dill at the organic farm this week. I don't often find dill here so I had to use it....perfect for the bread recipe. The flawless large red peppers were in a tienda on Mesones. I had to buy them because they were so beautiful.....perfect for the roasted red pepper tart.

Sometimes I like a muffin for breakfast but let me tell you that I toasted this savory bread for breakfast and it was really good.


American Mommy in Mexico said...

Sounds so yummy!

Sam and Bob said...

Ned is a lucky man!

bob in exile said...

Where did you find dill? I presume you brought it in from the States?? Its called "eneldo" in Mexico. I've been told they grow it for medicinal purposes in Atlixco, a few miles south of Puebla. But havent had a chance to check it out.

Billie said...

Bob, I bought the dill at a small organic farm right outside of San Miguel.