Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Terrace This Morning

I love agapanthus and I have two pots of them on the terrace. One is the giant white and the other the shorter blue ones. I think before the next blooming season, I'll have to thin out both pots.

The terrace is looking good. Part of it is covered and I have put some pots on the wall and a few tall plants so that the covered part is starting to feel like a room. And in the uncovered part I can grow some roses and herbs and other sunloving plants but by the time we go up late in the afternoon the sun is behind us and we are in the shade.

The patio has had some gardening as well and there are three new fish in the fountain/pond. A big gackle has discovered that the fish are there but they go into hiding when he comes around. I am hoping for the best.


Laurie said...

I love agapanthus too. I used them liberally in my front yard in New Orleans. I sold the home in Nov. This week I had to pick up a package there, and the new owners let me down. The agapanthus were not fertilized, watered, and were nearly dead after a hard winter. Thanks for showing me what could have been.

Brenda said...

Very pretty. Do they also have a scent?

Heather said...

Thank you for the name of this flower! Phoebe brought me home a cluster of these flowers and we didn't know what they were, but we agreed they are beautiful. So based on that it was growing up here in the Northeast US, I guess I could plant some as well. Very nice!

pitchertaker said...

I believe it is agapanthus that you see all over the bay area in CA -- you see it in the median. I guess it stands up well to exhaust fumes.