Sunday, March 28, 2010

Palm Sunday San Miguel Style

This morning there were two beautiful processions in San Miguel. Palms, colorful costumes, incense, statutes and even Jesus on a Donkey. All led by the Priests and altar boys. This is the scene in front of the Parroquia as one of the procession went into the church. The Jardin was full of people walking and talking. The sun was shining. What a beautiful peaceful day!

Then sirens started screaming and entering the Jardin along with a truck carrying huge speakers blasting music. The locos who dress in costumes, like this Muppet, started dancing right in front of the church. Then next to them three drummers were pounding a rhythm for indian dancers. Off to the side the Rotary Club had tables and speakers set up. You just wonder how much of this noise was penetrating the thick walls of the Parroquia Palm Sunday Mass.

It is one of the things I love about San Miguel, the juxtaposition of the religious and the profane.


Heather said...

Very interesting. We had a cold, rainy day for Palm Sunday. They say it's supposed to be sunny and in the 70s for Easter. Can't wait. I'm finding it hard to put together Elmo and Palm Sunday. I just don't see the connection, LOL!

Billie said...

Mexico isn't always about connections. It just is what it is.