Saturday, March 27, 2010

Viernes de Dolores

Last night we walked with some friends through our neighborhood to look at the altars built in the doorway of homes. The occasion was Viernes de Dolores and commemorates the pain and sorrow of the Mother of Christ.

People use their religious objects of Jesus on the Cross and a picture of Mary in great sorrow and usually with tears in her eyes looking up at the cross.

The color scheme is purple, white and gold. They use sprouted seeds, oranges, herbs and greenery to decorate.

Fruit waters and small ice creams are served to those who come to pray at these home altar.

In the Centro the altars are more elaborate and the crowds are huge but I much prefer walking in my Colonia and seeing my neighbor's altars. For me it is much more spiritual experience.

Click this link to learn more about this event that is usually considered the start of Semana Santa.

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Steve Cotton said...

I have waited for this for a year. Now I cannot see it. Thanks for sharing your view.