Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Weather Report from Leon to Houston

We have been in the rain all day. This morning just as we were leaving San Miguel it started raining. Our trip to the Leon airport was mostly in the rain and when we landed in Houston is was raining.

Rain changes the way the landscape looks....not just puddles on the ground but the colors become in a way muted but in another way they become deeper. The countryside in Mexico is mostly brown now but the rain made the dull grasses glow gold or willow green. But here in Houston the china berry and elm trees have turned red, maroon, orange and yellow. Houston doesn't get a lot of seasonal color but against the pine forests and in the rain these colors really stood out as we drove from the airport.

It is raining, windy, damp and cold here in Houston. The weatherman says Houston could get some snow before the end of the week. At the last minute, I decided that I didn't want to pack a jacket so I brought a sweater. Mmmm.....I don't think I'll spend a lot of time outdoors in the next day or two.


dotye sue said...

Am praying for a good report and treatment. Missed you at Betty and Jim's...food was fabulous especially the oyster dressing and Gary's rolls, seeing everyone but you guys were missed...can't wait to see you Christmas...many hugs and much luv. dotye

Steve Cotton said...

A very nice prose poem. I wish you traveling mercies.

Anonymous said...

Trix cereal poured out on green cordoroy background

Mason park is a different woman today

Dana j

Babs said...

I didn't know you were going back this time.........write me, por favor. (Since you'll be indoors)

Cynthia said...


Hope all is great with you guys!

Waiting for the snow here.