Friday, December 04, 2009

Snow and Roses

Yes, Houston has had some some snow this morning. In fact there is still a bit of sleety snow falling but not enough to stick to the ground here on Houston's West side. But the "event" is great material for the local television channels. Most of the schools have let out and businesses that can have allowed their employees to leave early to avoid the ice on the highways.

We were scheduled to fly back to San Miguel today but yesterday our flight was cancelled. The way we found out was that Ned went to print out our boarding passes and saw that we were now on a flight that would get us back to SMA after 10 PM. Then we'd have the drive from Leon to SMA in the middle of the night. No matter if the shuttle driver was doing the driving, we didn't want to do that. We have rescheduled for tomorrow but now we are a bit worried about ice on the overpasses in the morning. We'll just wait and see what happens with the weather.


Sam and Bob said...

We arrived in Oaxaca! Just in time to get out of the cold weather and snow in Michigan.

WOW...snow in Houston? Does it happen very often? I can't believe schools and businesses closed early.

Have safe travels back to SMA.

Babs said...

Take your time - stay a day or two if you need to.....don't hit that ice, for heaven's sake.
Did you ever know I was such a worry wart?

Billie said...

Bob and Sam, snow doesn't happen very often in Houston that is why the city goes crazy when it does.

Dear worry wart, we will definitely be watching for the ice on the streets.

Steve Cotton said...

It will be good to have the two of you home.

Laurie said...

Great pic. I am in S. Louisiana right now. My sisters saw snow a bit north of New Orleans. Houston got socked! Beautiful.

Anonymous said...

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anyhow thanks for the good read!

Heather said...

Hope your journey is safe. It's snowing outside of Philadelphia, PA here right now. Shocker as it was 60 degrees last Sunday. I heard it was snowing in Houston when I was on the phone with our IT Helpdesk yesterday. Apparently they were in Houston and were telling me how cold it was.