Sunday, November 08, 2009

Looking Back - Day of the Dead

It seemed harder to make photographs in the cemetery this year during the Day of the Dead. I don't know why. Technically I kept running into high contrast situations. I tried early, mid-day and afternoon but it seemed like I was always fighting deep shadows. The cemetery was also very crowded and trying to isolate something of interest was not easy. At one point I just stood off to the side of the walk into the cemetery and shot....some from the hip and some when I raised the camera.

Click here to see more photographs from Day of the Dead.


Sam and Bob said...

I love your pictures. The colors and expressions on their faces is priceless. Also, the number of people at the cemetary...amazing. With that many people it looks like they were giving something away. The Mexicans are wonderful people.

I am also sorry to hear about the loss of your dear friend. I am sure you have many memories of him.

Billie said...

Thanks Bob and Sam. There were tons of people in the cemetery. There is one picture where I tried to hold the camera aloft and shoot so you could get an idea of how many people were there but it still doesn't give an accurate feeling of the crowds. I usually go back the day after day of the dead to just shoot the flowers but this year other things happened and I never got back. The cemetery is litterly carpeted in flowers.

DanaJ said...

And do you mind the colder mornings so very much?

me...i'm a sweater girl. i've never had a bad day in SMA, no matter the weather.

Billie said...

Dana,we usually light the fireplace in the mornings to take the chill off. It is the late afternoon that can start to chill you if you are in the house. I just add layers but sometimes when my feet get cold, then I'm cold.

Jill said...

What beautiful pictures!! I'm half Mexican, but living in New York and your images are heartwarming for me. Viva Mexico!