Sunday, October 11, 2009

San Miguel Goes Visiting

The San Miguel Festival is over for this year. Today San Miguel was taken out of the Parroquia and he was taken to visit some of the other churches in the centro. San Miguel can't go without an entourage. He had a full compliment of dancers, drums and bands although I don't think it was quite as elaborate as the last few years. Certainly the number of angels was down. Sometimes we have lots of them walking and some riding on a flat bed truck/float. Today we only had about five little angels. Maybe another sign of the economic times. But it was a beautiful procession.


1st Mate said...

Wonderful photos. I don't think San Carlos gets a fiesta like that here, which is a shame. There's a figure of him outside the church, but nothing special seems to happen to honor him.

Cynthia said...

My husband asked why the fireworks last night and I told him about your blog post on San Miguel leaving La Parroquia. We decided it may have to do with that, but who knows, could have been another reason to light the sky last night.

Wish I could have had more time in SMA, but I needed to finish my wedding planning (oldest daughter), so I'm back in Houston.