Monday, October 12, 2009


Although we are supposedly at the end of the rainy season, we have had some rain in the last few days.....less than two inches. This is good for filling the Presa but it is too late for the farmers. This is a field of corn that didn't make corn due to the lack of rain but the wild flowers seem perfectly happy. For those of us who didn't grow up on a farm, it is hard to imagine the devastation a drought causes to the poor campesinos who are not able to irrigate their fields. They were barely scraping by to begin with but to lose your main food crop is truly a disaster.

In pre-hispanic Mexico, there were ceremonies and festivals around the seeds and planting of corn because corn made the difference in starving or not starving. Great sacrifices were made to the gods, including virgins, to beg for the rain to grow a good crop. These days, the virgins are safe, but the seeds are taken to the church in early February to be blessed.


Anonymous said...

Hi Billie,
It's Deborah from DBM days. I just checked in to tell you we bought a casa in Ajijic near Chapala, and was surprised to read about Ned. Sending prayers your way for a full recovery and a bit of grace in your schedule soon. You've been the inspiration for our Mexican migration. Love to you both,
Deborah and Raymond

Billie said...

Hello Deborah. Congratulations on the casa. I'd love to chat via email. You'll find my email address on the right hand side bar.

Susan said...

Hi Billie - This photo is gorgeous! I thought of you this weekend when I was at HCP signing up for classes. I can't wait to start using their digital lab!

Billie said...

Susan, who is teaching the class at HCP. And what is the class about? And Thanks for the comment on the image.

pitchertaker said...

As truly sad for the farmers is the lack of rain, I must compliment you on this image. The placement of the small purple flowers holding their own against the large cloud is just perfect. Bravo, me amiga, bravo!!!

Billie said...

pitchertaker, you just made my day. Thank you for noticing.