Saturday, October 03, 2009

The Fair

I've always loved fairs. The concession stands, the stock shows, the rides....all of it. The San Miguel fair has "all of it" and the citizens turn out in droves. The cost is 10 pesos to park and a 25 peso entry fee. After you are inside, there are a few rides that have an additional cost, some of the entertainment requires an ticket and some of the tickets are a bit expensive. Then of course there are charges for the food but most of it was quite reasonable. We had four tacos pastor for 28 pesos. Last night as we were leaving about 9:30 PM people were pouring through the gates and there was a line of cars lined up all the way back to the round-about. But while we were there, I only saw one or two other gringos.


Calypso said...

Amiga - a terrific photo - very compelling with the dark azul sky; makes me want a ride!

phil said...

I agree that the photo really grabs you. Almost the look of a painting. Can you give us the details? Your camera on automatic or a "night" setting? Tripod? Shutter speed? To me, it looks like it has been touched up by an artist, but I know better.

Billie said...

Thanks Calypso.

Phil, I'm using a Canon 5D2 camera which does very well with high ISO settings. This was set at 1600 ISO. I don't have time to go back and see what the shutter speed was but I was hand holding the camera. I chose to be at the fair during that magical 15 minutes or so when the sky changes to a wonderful blue. I was fortunate that the sky also included some wonderful menacing clouds. The only photoshop work was some correction of the color of the lighting from the neon tower and a bit of sharpening.