Friday, October 02, 2009

Blessing of the Taxis

We are headed into a busy weekend with the San Miguel Festival. Last night was the blessing of the taxis. Every taxi in town was decorated and lined up and came into the Jardin. Then they were parked in front of the Parroquia. I have never seen the priest actually come out and bless the taxis but this year I did notice that a number of the taxi drivers who had bouquets on their taxis, took them and went into the church so maybe the blessing happens there.
One of the things that made me smile was the taxis lined up with their hoods up like they were waiting for holy water to be sprinkled on each one. If any holy water was sprinkled, I missed it. Still I'm glad to know that when I get into a taxi this year that it has been blessed.

And off of the subject of taxis, some of you may be glad to know that we had garbage pick up again today. Two days this week. Maybe by next week we'll be back to three times a week.


Diary of a third age woman said...

The blessing of the taxis happened in Oaxaca sometime in early September or late August. I think I made note of the day on my blog.

It was an outdoor affair with a sermon being preached in llano Juarez de parque.

Being a humanist I won't depend on a blessing to remain safe. How about driver's being road tested?

Taxi drivers, and all other drivers here in Oaxaca are pretty much todo loco.

Bob Mrotek said...

We always have our new car blessed by a priest with Holy Water. My friend padre Humberto even popped the hood and blessed the motor :)

Babs said...

I so HATE that I missed it this year. It's usually during the daytime. They do open their hoods and the priest comes out with holy water. It tickles me so to see that........I have such funny photos from years past.
Glad you saw it.........

La Coja said...

My sister lives in an orphanage in San Miguel, and I attended the University of GTO.

How long have you lived in SMA?


Sam and Bob said...

Have fun this weekend. Hope you will be able to get some sleep with all of the celebrations.

Thank goodness that the garbage is being picked up!!

Billie said...

La Coja, I have been visiting SMA for 20+ years and we have had a house here for 7+ years. Which orphanage is your sister in?