Sunday, September 27, 2009

Campechana de Mariscos

I've always wanted the recipe for the Campechana de Mariscos at Goode Company Seafood in Houston. Friday was my lucky day. The Houston Chronicle published it. Yea! Although I might not be able to find lump crab meat here in SMA, I could just double up on the shrimp. I love this dish and call it the best Campechana in the whole wide world.

If you want to do a Mexican version, Cristina Potters at Mexico Cooks! published a recipe that she says is the best Coctel de Camaron in Mexico.

Dueling recipes. Which one are you going to try first?


Suzanne said...

Alas! I was hoping for the coctel de camaron that did NOT have catsup in it or taste like it was marinated in a sugar syrup ---like so many of them do here.

Anyone have a recipe for one that isn't made with catsup or sugar?


Billie said...

I agree that the Mexican version of coctel de camaron is sweet although I haven't tried the recipe that Cristina has posted. So, try the recipe from Goode Company Seafood. It is really good and it isn't sweet.

Sam and Bob said...

I recently made my version of the Mexican Coctel de Camaron. I do use ketchup but I also use clamato juice. It is very tasty.

Anonymous said...

remind your friend suzanne of the shrimp and coconut milk cocktail we had on father's day. #2

Susan said...

Hands down, Goode Company IS the best I’ve ever had! It's not an inexpensive appetizer. I think it’s something like $10.95, but it's worth every penny. I'm really surprised (and pleased) they posted the recipe, and I can’t wait to try it on my own. If it’s half as tasty as GC’s, then I’ll be happy!

mexchic said...

looks good. you will probably be able to find lump crab meat, they call it 'jaiba' at the markets, with any fishmonger a the local mercado. i'm in toluca and it's pretty easy to come by, very fresh and much less expensive than in the states- you can buy the crab meat by itself, already picked through, clean and ready to use. great for cooking little crab cakes as well.