Sunday, July 12, 2009

Wine and Salami

Jonna commented on one of my entries that my blogs about Houston made her want to spend some time here the next time she comes through. Maybe I can tempt a few more of you. Houston is where I grew up and it is where I want to go when we come back to the USA. With the exception of the current heat wave, there are a lot of things to love about Houston. One of them is definitely it's vibrant restaurant scene.

The name of this restaurant is longer than the size of the place, Poscol Vinoteca e Salumeria, but it is another unique place we have tried here in Houston. It is located in the spot where the Cafe Montrose use to reside at 1609 Westheimer Road. It is in a rundown strip shopping center but once you enter the doors you feel like you are no longer in Houston but have stepped off some side street in Rome for a few bites. It is all about the wine and small plates. The platter above holds the meats that they cure in house like veal tongue, pork cheek sausage and porchetta. But lots of other cured meats are also available, sliced perfectly thin. There is also a great offering of cheeses, paninis, fried bites and a pasta or two.

This was my favorite thing that we tried, a creamy baccala, which is a salted cod fish. I'm not sure how this cod was prepared but it made a great spread on toasted bread along with sips of wine.And about the wine....they have a impressive list of imported Italian wines. The wait staff knows the food and the wines. It is on my "go-back-to" list.


que throm said...

Cicero and I are heading to SMA via Houston next week and have enjoyed the tips re: restaurants, etc. Thanks - Would like to meet up in SMA when you return. We met at Jerry Rossing's exhibit last year.
Our best to Ned for his treatment.
Que Throm

Ken & Carol said...

Wow, after this entry I may have to move you to my foodie blogroll. Well, wait a minute, I could just duplicate you couldn't I?

Word verification: "bribread" Wasn't that something we gave to our kids when they were still gumming things?

Jonna said...

Not only is this reminding me of San Francisco and the small exquisite restaurants I loved, it is really making me want to visit Houston. I love grazing restaurants, small dishes with lots of tastes without having to make a major commitment to an entree.

Good job of keeping Ned's appetite up and keeping him interested in food. Not sure what it will do for all of our waistlines though. It's OK, I'm happy to gain a few virtual pounds for Ned.

Felipe said...

I miss Houston sooo much.

Billie said...

You surprise me, Felipe. I love Houston and all it has to offer but so many people don't understand. I hope that it will stay a kind of urban wild west. BTW, I've just started reading a new blog comparing SMA to HOuston's East End.
She is writing about my old stomping grounds and where we have a lot. Might be some things you remember too.